Philosophy & Services Offered

 I was a career Paramedic for 35 years, and a critical care flight paramedic for 6 of those years and now currently retired with a medical disability.  I am also a yoga instructor.

I became interested in essential oils and their therapeutic benefits about 20 years ago when a friend and massage therapist introduced oils in a massage.  I was  curious to learn more so I purchased a few oils and a couple of books on the subject.  The more I learned, I realized I wanted more knowledge of aromatherapy.  



I enrolled at ACHS and completed the Diploma in Aromatherapy, Master Aromatherapist program.  I am also currently studying under the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy,  Timothy Miller in regards to the chemistry of essential oils and Liz Fulcher of the Aromatic Wisdom Institute and the study of hydrosols.   I have studied under Mark Webb regarding CO2 extracted oils, Gabriel Mojay in relation to the energetics of essential oils.  


I opened Northern Prairie Aromatherapy out of my passion for essential oils, their therapeutic benefits and my desire to enlighten others of their wonderful benefits and proven safe applications.

Services Offered

Services offered include custom blending for specific needs, a full line of pure essential oils, blends, carrier oils, hydrosols & perfumery.  Comprehensive health inventory and holistic health counseling is also available. 



At Northern Prairie Aromatherapy, we are passionate about holistic health care and the benefits of essential oils.  I am a NAHA Level II Professional Aromatherapist and the Regional Director of Minnesota for National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists.  I also am a Professional member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. 

 I keep abreast of new and updated research and education on essential oils and the current safety data.   

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