Safety Page

Essential oils are the products of steam distillation and cold expression of aromatic material.  Just because it's deemed "natural" does not mean it doesn't have safety issues or concerns.  Essential oils are very concentrated substances and therefore should be respected.  They can cause harm if not used in the correct or safe manner.  They should be kept away from children.  Essential oils may be used on children ONLY under the direct guidance of a QUALIFIED aromatherapy practitioner.  


Essential oils can and do have drug interactions.  Please, if you are using oils, consult with a qualified aromatherapist if you are under a doctor's care or are taking any form of medication.  Vitamins do count in this instance.  



Safe applications that I practice and recommend are diffuser, direct inhalation, bathing, topical (dilute) application and neat application in certain circumstances and with close monitoring.  



Essential Oils should not be used internally, orally, rectally or vaginally unless under the care of a qualified aromatherapist.  By qualified, I mean one who has vast education in this form of application.  At this time, I have not attended any education regarding this method of use.  Therefore, I will not recommend or practice this form of application.  ​


If you have any reactions or burns or injuries, please consult with an aromatherapist and please report injuries, adverse reactions on the link provided.